Mar 30, 2011

Life at the Blue Mountains

Scenic World's cable car and railway takes you to the Walkway, and lovely views of the rainforest at ground level. There is only one reason not to linger, and this is widely publicised before you get down there - there are no toilet facilities! With two kids in tow, we were a bit nervous, but spent about an hour there without problems.

palm tree at Jamison valleu

moss covered rocks

interesting vines at Blue Mountain

This bird was in the rainforest making a ruckus with its call. It had its tail feathers spread open like a peacock.
peacock-like bird Jamison valley

We spied this at the top. As if spiders aren't ubiquitous enough, you have ants shaped like spiders. This one looks like he is carrying a fallen comrade.
spider ant carrying another ant

Saw this bird at Leura, a town next to Katoomba. The yellow piercing eyes make me squirm a bit for some reason.
pied currawong

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