Mar 3, 2011

Freaky moment of the day

This morning, I found a caterpillar on my hair! No idea how it got there, I just looked in the mirror and saw a small, bright green thing on my head.

I freaked out a tad, but surprisingly not that much - on a Richter scale, it was probably around 4. I guess it paled in comparison to last week's event, which registered a 9.

Number Two was in the living room and yelled, "Look, mama, a spider!" I ran to him and came face to face with a spider the size of my palm on the wall. My heart immediately went into palpitation mode and adrenaline surged throughout my body (I really am the panicky sort!). If you can imagine coming face to face with a parang-wielding burglar in your house, that was my reaction.

My main concern was if its bite was poisonous. I was about to go out, but I couldn't leave it there really, who knew where it would be when I came back? Lacking any insectides, I reached for the most toxic substance in the house - my Pine O Clean window cleaner. I climbed up on a stool and prayed and sprayed.

Number Two was fearless and watching the duel with a great level of interest. But he got a shock when the dizzy spider fell off the wall a foot away from him. I pursued the prey relentlessly with the window cleaner and he succumbed, keeling over and his legs curling up as rigor mortis set in.

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