Apr 17, 2011

Chilli Pan mee, without the pan mee

dry chilli pan mee noodles

It is said necessity is the mother of invention. It's also the aunt of substitution and make-do.

I made chilli pan mee (noodle) without the pan mee since making pan mee is essentially making fresh noodles, another messy story altogether.

Everyone loves this, with its mix of crunchy bites and creamy yolk and daredevil chilli oil.  I just minus the chilli for the kids.

One of the best recipes for chilli pan mee is found here

crispy dried prawn chilli oil

Ingredients (for one)

Handful minced pork; 1 tbsp soya sauce, sugar; 2 pips sliced garlic
1 egg
Handful dried anchovies, soaked and drained
Some green veges, blanched and cut up
1 dried shitake mushroom, soaked, then sliced
Copious amounts of dried prawn chilli oil -  (Tean's Gourmet's Crispy Prawn Chilli rocks but it has MSG)
Noodles (I used dried instant noodles)

Steps :

1) Marinade the minced pork with the soya sauce. Fry garlic, then minced pork, adding a little more soya sauce or thick soya sauce to taste. I had a runny brown sauce - which was the base sauce for the noodles.
2) Poach an egg in boiling water. Important - leave the yolk intact and runny
3) Fry the anchovies in hot oil till crispy
4) Cook the mushrooms in boiling water
5) Blanch the veges
6) Cook the noodles, and drain
7) Pour generous dollop of crispy prawn chilli, place egg (yolk intact still), fried minced pork (plus drizzle of that sauce), anchovies, mushrooms and greens.
8) Stir up heaven in a bowl.

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