Mar 18, 2011

$3 for a banana??

I don't know how retailers in Malaysia keep prices fairly constant, but they usually were. Prices fluctuate so much here, that we have taken to just eating whatever's on sale and bulk buying what can keep. Buying fruits is an emotional roller coaster that is akin to participating in the stock market.

Just like the stocks, you can never buy at the bottom...
The week after I bought the apple which I posted earlier at $1.25 each, prices were down by half. So I bought half a dozen and averaged down.

Just like stocks, you aren't tempted to buy at high prices, till they go even higher 
I first bought bananas at 99cents a kg. Then about a month later, it was at A$3.98/kg. I balked at that price and swore off them until I saw it at A$4.98/kg. Unfortunately, it is one of the few fruits Number 2 eats, so I bought 3.

But you do balk at some point when you no longer see reason, or you run out of money
Today, it is a whopping $8.98/kg!. Number Two has to give up bananas for a while...

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