Feb 7, 2011

Up close and personal

The animals here are quite easy going. Even flies are not as jittery as the Malaysian flies. Malaysian flies will buzz off as soon as you get within two feet. Catching one is near impossible. We have however, caught Aussie flies several times. Even Number One has caught one! (he crept up to the fly, and clamped a box on it - what sort of fly lets you creep up on it?) The other day I even removed a fly from the house by encouraging it to land on a fork, and then walking out with the fork in my hand. Have they got the famous Aussie laid-back culture?

When at Fagan park, some birds come up to our picnic mat as we lay there reading. For this city gal, some came a bit too close for comfort - and this human jumped before the birds did, prompting them to fly off.

Hubs asked what I gave this one to pose for me. He largely ignored me, going about his own way, despite having a stalker with a camera. Some feathers are iridiscent, displaying magificent hues in the right light. And owner of a cool mohawk too!

crested pigeon sydney

This one is the one which attempted the caterpillar meal.

grey bird yellow beak Sydney

The blue bird (chicken?) walks in a jaunty manner - its butt amusingly perks up with every step it makes.

blue bird

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