May 11, 2011

How I get my dose of turmeric

turmeric fried chicken kunyit

Still on the subject of colds... We were talking about warding off colds and such when a friend told me her South African aunt takes a spoonful of turmeric powder a day and never falls sick!

Turmeric is really good for you. If you have ever read a piece on the cancer-fighting properties of curry, the turmeric in it is the reason why. But can you imagine putting a spoonful of it in your mouth? I'll stick to my Manuka honey, thank you very much, and have my turmeric in kunyit/turmeric fried chicken. Of course, deep frying anything is not good for you, but why focus on the negatives? ;)

Here are more plus points for turmeric chicken. You can't forget the ingredients - turmeric and chicken. You get lovely crispy skin without all the 'dipping in egg and flour' routine, which can always get messy. Everything is done in one bowl, so it's convenient cleanup. Unfortunately, the colour is super strong. In fact, if you look at packaged food that says 'no artificial colours', turmeric is often used for yellow colouring. So don't get the powder or oil on your clothes and wipe up any spills quickly because turmeric stains really easily and sometimes quite permanently.


Bite-sized chicken pieces
Turmeric powder

Steps :
1) Coat chicken with liberal doses of turmeric powder (and I mean liberal). I use a pair of tongs to turn the chicken while the turmeric powder comes out of a salt/pepper shaker.
2) Deep fry till skin is crispy and orangey colour. The done-ness of the crispy skin is usually a good indicator for when the chicken is cooked.

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