Feb 26, 2011

To Lollipops PlayLand we go

I've never spent so much time with my kids in my life.

Way before the first was born, I was spending 10 hour days at the office - plus commute time, this meant I said good morning and goodbye at the same time, and saw them for dinner at 8.30 pm. Now I see them 24/7. I never realised there are many hours in a day.

This week, however, is record-breaking. Hubs is away and with exception of school hours for Number One, I've had them all to myself, day and night, the price of being far away from any form of support. Of course I adore my kids but I'm down with kid-overload syndrome. After the last, "MAMA, he took my scoooooooooter!" and "No, he gave to me!", I said "ENOUGH!" We are off to playland.

We visit Lollipops PlayLand at Castle Hill and pay RM34.30 for an adult and two kids, inclusive of a cuppa. After reading about the many facilities online at its website, I had imagined a huge play area and I was admittedly a tad dissapointed. The land area is pretty big but half of it is filled with tables and chairs for the adults and for hosting birthday parties. The toddlers have a nice small play area. They also have cars to ride on, but in a small enclosure that doesn't allow much room for driving.

The main attraction for kids 4 years and above would be the three-level play area, and the spinning teacups ride. The play area is pretty large, featuring a few slides, bridges and plenty of nooks and crannies.

Anyway, while I am scanning the place with my critical eye, they are off to a running start...

I guess this means the place serves its purpose - adults can chat away, knowing their kids are in the general vicinity, happily absorbed and safe without you keeping a constant eye on them. I go get my flat white, a slice of toasted banana bread and whip out my book ...bliss! We spend 4 hours there before I carted them off to find dinner.

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