Jul 16, 2011

Super simple baked potatoes

super simple baked potatoes

Sometimes, less is more. And this is one of those times. No pre-boiling, no seasoning, no de-skinning, no dressing equals no tired cook, no extra pot to wash, and no loss of flavour. The potatoes end up perfect, with a natural sweetness and a tender, melt in your mouth texture on the inside, while the skin puffs up so you get a cripsy outside.

Washed potatoes (they look..erm...clean, with a light yellow skin) are the key to this.  I like to select small cocktail-sized ones so they roast within an hour or so. Give them a wash, pat dry and cut into half (I cut so that it will roast faster but also so I know the potatoes are good on the inside)

Rub in some olive oil and salt, and roast in oven at 180-200 degrees till cooked and skin pops (about an hour to one hour half). Halfway through, turnover potatoes so it cooks evenly. The only downside is it needs pretty high heat and a good amount of time so I pop these in when I'm also roasting something else in there.

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