Feb 27, 2011

Petrol musings - to pump or not to pump

The other day, Hubs and I were having a discussion. On a walk out, we noticed petrol prices were cheap. So he contemplated driving the car out just to pump. I argued that the costs of bringing the car out merely for that purpose would wipe out the savings. On that same note, we've also wondered whether we should drive two suburbs away to pump, where the prices are lower. In Malaysia, petrol prices are all the same, so you never have to contend with finding the best day of the week to pump, or remembering your coupon or deciding when to pump.

I toyed with the figures on a spreadsheet. At a 70 litre capacity, if the tank was empty, a 10 sen difference in prices would amount to a whopping $7! A 20 sen differential (which is as much as I've seen prices fluctuate) would be $14. But it's a rare moment in time and space when a fully empty tank meets a low petrol price. With a half-filled tank of 35 litres, pumping when prices are 10 cents lower, would result in savings of $3.5.

Now taking the car out or driving further away to pump, amounts to around $1 in petrol for a round trip distance of 5km, based on a mileage (kilometreage?) of 14km/ltr (broadedly rounded up to account for fuel inefficiency of the short trip). The nett savings in this case is $2.50. Deal or no deal?

Of course, since we can't predict future prices, all this is theory!

My Spreadsheet

Hokkiens would say "Ciak pa xiao eng!" (eat full then too free)

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