Feb 10, 2011

Never loiter by a zebra crossing

Today, I made the mistake again. I should never stand by the side of a pedestrian crossing. This has the unintended effect of stopping cars!

In Malaysia, it is cars first, people second. That's an important announcement for you tourists doing walkabouts in town. I nearly ran into a few (and I am a fairly safe driver, mind you) because we got our signals crossed about who was going first.

So when cars stopped for Hubs and I, we felt the order of our world was being turned upside down. Once, I loitered on the sidewalk near a pedestrian crossing. I was merely standing in front of the shop, contemplating whether I should go in. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a line of cars forming in the middle of the road. To my surprise, I realised they had stopped for me! I waved them on, but the driver waved me on! So mortified was I, I crossed the road although I had no intention of doing so. After hanging around few minutes, I crossed back to the other side of the road.

When I related the story to Hubs, he said the same thing happened to him. There have also been times when we waved cars on, because we didn't mind letting them go first, especially if cars were on the main road and blocking traffic. But we got waved on ourselves and we relented.

This morning, after dropping Number One at school, I squatted down to adjust Number Two's bike helmet and to talk to him. We were however, at a zebra crossing, and despite not being in an 'I'm going to cross the road' stance, a car stopped. We waved and shuffled off abashedly.

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