Feb 22, 2011

My left-handed child

my left-handed child

Number Two is left-handed. He switches hands now and then, but since young, has shown a preference for his left hand. He always instinctively kicks a ball with his left foot.

The biggest adjustment we have made so far is remembering to place his spoon on the left side instead of the right when setting dinner places. But now that I am helping him with his writing and ABCs, I've stumbled unto other issues - for one, what he just wrote with his left hand is immediately obscured by his left hand.

I've seen my left-handed friends' awkwardly bent hands, with the wrist hung on a high 'hook' so the text is visible as they write. I've seen them push their pens to the right of the page as they write, a jerky movement compared to the smooth pulling action of a right-hander. I know they've talked about ink-smeared hands. But only as I immerse myself in the world of left-handedness, do I fully get it.

It is far beyond favouring a hand to pick things up. The orientation of the world's products is wrong. I can buy left-handed rulers (the scale is reversed), sharpeners(they turn anti-clockwise) and scissors(the blades are on the opposite side) for Number Two. Door handles, doors, camera buttons, remote controls, are on the wrong side for him. Talk about discrimination against a minority, the whole world 'discriminates' against lefties.

Even how to write ABCs should be taught differently to left-handers - what is a pulling motion to a right-hander would be a pushing motion for a left-hander. But back to the question of how to teach him to write without covering up what he has just written. Thanks to good old Google, I found a good description of how to teach a left-handed child to write properly here and here

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