Feb 23, 2011

Movies under the stars

Movies by the boulevard at Sydney Olympic Park

Moonlight cinemas, or outdoor cinemas seem pretty common here. Perhaps this is because of the Aussie penchant for picnics and outdoorsy activities.
We've done two such events, one at Sydney Olympic Park (Despicable Me) and one at Asquith Park (Alvin and the Chipmunks 2), both free. The free part is a good thing since cinema outings for the four of us would cost around $40 and up, but of course, the movies shown at the free events are a tad old.

Upsides :
1) You watch the sun go down as you wait for the movie to start.
2) You may catch a glimpse of night creatures flying overhead - in Sydney Olympic Park I saw what I thought was a very large bird, until I realised its silhouette was identical to the Bat Signal.
3) There's nothing like having the sky as your roof
4) You can make it a two-in-one outing - playground/park cum movie

Downsides :
1) Occasional bugs
2) Having to lug half the house out - this list includes a picnic blanket, blankets or sweaters, a cooler or packed food if you are going early and want to dine there, snacks if you want to graze (and what's a movie without snacks, eh?)water, mini chairs to up the comfort level, pillows if you are going to do the horizontol position
3) A stiff back if you haven't set yourself up well
4) At risk of temperamental weather

Movies Under The Stars Asquith Hornsby

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