Feb 10, 2011

Loving school, but ...

Number One is having a fine time at school - it's the best school, like being back at kindergarten, he said! Now that, to many Asian moms, is a horrific statement. But I am not a typical Asian mom. I like that kids like and trust their teachers, and Number One seems to adore his. I like that they can enjoy the process of learning - it's a good change as fun and play are not words associated with the rote learning method of Asian schools. I must admit, I swallowed extra hard when he brought home a 'painting' of his hand print, but reminded myself that the pros outweigh the cons.

The toughest part for Number One, is making friends. He seemed to be off to a good start but yesterday, he said that some kids refused to play with him although they were in the same group. He is still awfully new at school, and joining a school when other kids in the class have already established their cliques is tough. I know from experience, how tough that is, having moved states thrice in my school-going years.

I just hope it is about that, and not being about him being different. Number One doesn't realise he's different, that he is the only Asian in his class. At least, he's never talked about it or pointed it out, and I gather it is because it doesn't matter to him. It's an innocence about the state of things that I treasure, and I hope won't be broken too soon. Perhaps I am simply too sensitive, given the vast amount I have read about migrant kids being isolated growing up in Australia.

But Number One is a very sensitive boy, and I am doubly sensitive for him. Hubs said he will have to learn how to deal with his own problems, and rightly so. But I still can't help wishing that I could solve all his problems for him. Have to learn to be a tough Oz mum!

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