Feb 2, 2011

It is hawt!

It's not hot, it's hawt! You don't need to towel dry after a shower, the water just turns into vapor. I was awake at midnight, and it was a balmy 34 degrees.

We arrived in December, at the start of what is officially summer. We were spoilt because the temps were at 20 to 26. Now it's hit 37 degrees over the last few days. Indoors, it feels about as hot as I ever felt in Malaysia. There were hot, sweaty days too, when all we did was hide in our air-conditioned room. Outdoor is another story, because the sun is there.

The sun sits in the beatiful blue oz sky. Since blue is my favourite colour, I am quite pleased to see it in generous doses everywhere. There is more of blue sky, also because there are fewer clouds. On some days, you can look up as far as the eye can see, and see only a sea of blue. The intense light makes everything look like a picture taken with a high contrast setting.

But the light and the clear skies comes at a price - UV killer rays and searing heat. In Malaysia, when you go out on a hot day, the heat envelopes you and you feel like wilting under the 'weight' of the heat. Here, the sun dries you up, your skin sears and turns red. Stay out there too long, and you'd end up like a prune with crispy skin.

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