Feb 5, 2011

Hundreds dead as record temps hit Sydney

It's a massacre. Dead bodies everywhere, fried alive in the Sydney heatwave.

Some lay limp and lifeless on top of their blanket, while others were washed out as the tap was opened.

Woe is me! My composting worms, just two weeks old in their new home (a Can O' Worms farm), were getting along nicely too. They had started getting to the food scraps I left in the worm farm. At night, I could hear their lively squirming.

Now probably hundreds of worms have died in the heatwave.

I normally give their home a cool shower given the heat of recent days, but I was out for the day, a day when temps hit a blazing 4o degrees. I came back to the sight of them plastered all over the top of the blanket, which is unusual, as they usually keep to the bottom where the food is. When prodded, the shrivelled up ones gave no signs of life. Some others managed a weak wiggle. When I opened the tap, lifeless bodies gushed out with the worm wee.

Still have a lot to learn about managing extreme weather. :(

Sydney Morning Herald : Sydney heatwave breaks 150-year-old record

worms died in heatwave

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