Feb 2, 2011

Best recipe for garlic and shallots oil

how to make garlic and shallots oil

Garlic and shallots oil is a wonder garnish. .Any mediocre dish will instantly be lifted up by this garnish. You can put in on fried rice, fried noodles, soup and porridge. I once asked my chef aunt what made her fishball soup so fantastic and she said she just drizzles this on top at the end.

It goes as a garnish on vegetable and potato dishes. I also add the oil into rice just before cooking for a fragrant, oiled rice for bakuteh and into the bakuteh soup as well!

My only complaint is while simple, it is laborious, and I get RSI just from cutting up the garlic and shallots.

The first few times I made it, I had all sorts of problems - I cooked at too high a heat and and the garlic and shallots didn't completely dry out, so I ended up with soggy stuff; I turned off the heat only when it was completely done, and ended up with carbon in oil, as the garlic and shallots continued cooking in the residual heat.

This is a great step by step explanation to making this oil

The medium fire ensures a good, slow drying out of the stuff so it will stay crisp. When garlic and shallots start to dry out and achieve a golden colour (you can rapidly see it changing colour), turn off fire. (Do watch closely towards the end as it can burn very quickly at this stage)

Unlike the blogger, I do not separate oil and garlic and shallots - I store them together in a bottle. I also omit the salt.

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