Feb 4, 2011

A day at Fagan Park

fagan park view

For a parent, a leisurely day involves being able to do your own thing, while the kids are happily occupied on their own, and in the vicinity where you can still keep an eye on them. I could bring them to a kids gym with bouncy castles and the like, but at about $20-$30 a trip, this is quite heavy on the pocket.

Fagan Park playground

A trip to Fagan Park only costs A$5 entrance fee for parking, and you can stay here the whole day. The playground is equipped with everything a kid could want - a flying fox, a cage for climbing, a big sandpit with tap water, and the more conventional slides and swings. There are also BBQs, a supply of drinking water, and on a Saturday, someone was selling coffee and ice cream.

fagan park trees

The whole park is generally wide open ground, with some pockets of trees so one of the most important things is to secure shade, bring hats and plenty of sunscreen. This was the tree we parked ourselves under. Fagan park is also where we saw the caterpillar-bird action (see earlier post), and spied some birds new to us.

Eco garden fagan park

There is also an eco garden, which has some plants, bees and explains certain eco-gardening concepts like composting. We took a stroll there after we were done for the day.

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