Feb 1, 2011

Birds on the brain

For about half an hour, three different type of birds (well, four if you count the crow) congregated on the tree outside my unit.

This probably only warrants a 'so what' to most, but these birds are alien to me. Having any birds on a tree I can see is alien to me. Having three birds at the same time, is well, off the chart. (yes, this counts for excitement these days)

This one caught my eye first, because he was new to the tree. He is very agile, and can bend into U-shapes and hang upside down to reach a tasty treat.

colour bird Sydney

His belly is even more colourful!

colourful bird Sydney Australia

Mr Cockatoo is a regular, but this time he was having lunch. He bit off the tip of the branches, held it it and nibbled some, then tossed the rest away. There was an intermittent rain of leaves from the tree as he was doing this.

cockatoo white and yellow

Finally, grey bird joined them.

bird grey small Sydney

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