Feb 25, 2011

5 things I learned in 3 months

1) The correct response to "How you are doing/ how ya going?" is not, "err, I'm good..?" It's "I'm fine, thanks, how you doing?"
I still whack myself on the head on this one - must seem like a doozy. I'm not used to greeting strangers and acquaintances beyond, "Hi" and certainly unused to a stranger enquiring after my wellbeing, even if only as a greeting.

2) Don't take the road less travelled. Anything that isn't regularly cleared after a day probably has a spider web across it. Once I took a 'shortcut', cutting in between two trees, instead of staying on the concrete path. And promptly felt that eerie, threadlike substance enveloping me. Ugh.

3) Don't loiter at pedestrian crossings. You can end up compelled to cross roads. See earlier post

4) Don't leave any doors open too long! Creepy crawlies (spiders, shudder) and flies get in. I'm so used to opening doors and windows to 'air' the place. But beyond the pests, it's also about regulating temperatures. In the heatwave, we opened the door to get 'air' in, until we were told we should have retained our cool morning air instead of swapping it for the 40 degree heat!

5) Watch the washing. I once took a cup out of the cupboard and rinsed it out of habit - the woman I was having a conversation with developed a puzzled look on her face. Asians use the sink as a drain. Western habits however, use the sink as a tub. At playgroups, cups collect in the sink, instead of being washed by the user, I"m guessing so they can be washed at one go, and therefore save water.

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