Jan 25, 2011

What stars look like

stars at night

In our old house, the view out of Number One and Number Two's bedroom window was the back of another house. To put this in context, the back of a Malaysian terrace house is a flat concrete wall, and one that is about 15 feet away from your own concrete wall. Most windows have grilles on them, so even if you have a good view, that view has vertical and horizontol lines drawn across it.

Here, their bedroom has a large window, that looks down onto a tree-lined street with brick homes amd looks up to the sky. One night, we were lying down after a bedtime story and looking up and counting the stars.

"Aren't the stars beautiful,?" I say.

"Yeah," says Number One. "The stars look like planes, only without the red blinking light and not moving."

p/s: we counted four stars that night, but we were wrong. I pointed my camera up at the sky on a night where I saw a dozen stars with my naked eye. The camera revealed how wrong I was. (see pix)

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