Jan 25, 2011

Someone forgot to issue an eviction notice

Where I live, when they decided to make this a residential suburb, someone forgot to tell the animals.

cockatoo Sydney Australia

Cockatoos fly ahead regularly, squawking loudly and congregating on nearby trees. Sometimes, they land on my balcony. At one point, one walked right up to me, at which point I fled.

Spiders make homes on anything in, and out of the apartment if it hasn't moved in two hours. My In Tray has webs on them. I even saw some making webs in the sky at Manly.

spiders in the sky

A few days ago, a skink was nonchalantly walking about the apartment grounds! Its scales glinted in the sunlight and its four legs carried its snake-like body in the sashay walk of reptiles. Fortunately I was observing it behind a glass door. Who was going to let it out, I wondered?

A city gal, the last time I saw animals in the streets was when, as a schoolgirl in Penang, I saw Indian men herding cows. (a interesting road hazard then was the big 'bombs' the cows left behind)

I love nature, but couldn't the nature here be furry cute friends like squirrels and rabbits?

ps: Interesting fact. The word cockatoo comes from Kakak Tua, the Malayan name for the parrot species. Kakak Tua means "old sister".

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