Jan 23, 2011

SCS butter, where art thou

I grew up with SCS butter. It was the best, creamiest butter you could get - and although pricey, was well worth the little bit extra. I have etched in my memory a moment 25 years ago when my mother asked me whether I wanted the SCS butter or Anchor butter.

"SCS," I said without skipping a beat.

She commented that my taste buds always knew the good stuff.

On the wrapper it is printed 'product of Australia' and that was my first initiation to Australia. They made the best butter in the world! 20 years later, I still thought they did.

And now I feel cheated.

Here I am, in Australia, and there is NO S.C.S. butter to be found.

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  1. Found this site after having a convo with Malaysian tweep about this product... living in Australia I had never heard of it and she was raving about it lol.

    Awesome Blog btw, added to my RSS reader :-)