Jan 20, 2011

Rooting lemongrass and mint

I love herbs - the grassy, fresh scent; the zing it adds to salads and soups. Herbs eaten raw (actually, most vegetables eaten raw) are also wonderfully good for you, as they contain enzymes that perish when otherwise heated.

Not so good on the wallet however. Lemongrass is being sold at A$2 a piece here. Other herbs like mint and thyme are being sold for about A$2 to A$3 a bunch - unfortunately most leaves wilt before I can use them up. The most economical way to get herbs is always to pluck them off a plant.

So as a project, I set about trying to plant some. I soaked the lone A$2 lemongrass stalk into a cup of water in the kitchen, taking care of keep it out of strong light. After about 5 days, the roots appear. I have since planted it in a big pot on the balcony - so far, so good, after about a week plus, new shoots are growing.

Mint is a weed, so supposedly super easy to grow. I try quite a few stalks (about 6-7), picking off the bottom leaves and soaking it below the node in about 2 inches of water in a transparent glass. After a week, only a few root, and only one rooted well. It's important to keep it out of the sun and heat while it is rooting, or the plant just shrivels up.

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