Jan 23, 2011

How to turn back time (or at least, make it crawl)

Up till a few months ago, I kept misplacing something important. Once while in the middle of a project, I lost Wednesday and Thursday. While entertaining March, I swore February never visited.

One theory is that as we get older, time appears to fly because we keep doing the same thing again and again. Brushing your teeth the 20,000th time (if brushed twice a day, this will be reached approximately in your thirties) doesn't take up as much mind time, as something you do the first time.

It is quite horrifying really, to stop short, think back and realise that that event you are referring really happened 5 years ago, when you swore it was 3. It brings mortality right up in your face. If time keeps this up, in no time, we'd be dead.

But time has hit its brakes since I've had to learn many things in this new land. Slow time has a zen-like feeling. It's quite delicious when you can spend time without a sense that you are wasting such a precious commodity and the nagging awareness that you really have to get back to that other task soon.

However, an ironic twist to this is that when 'in the zone', when one is happily consumed, time flies by all too fast.

So should the dial be turned up or down? Resolution for the year - take time to savour the seconds, while being grateful when the hours fly by.

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